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1.1 Have you ever been told your voice can be used for marketing?

It’s common in our daily life that we meet with different people with different characters. This is because of the different talents that every individual has in them. The good thing about these talents is that all pay very well to the point that they are far away from the official office jobs. So if you have ever been told you have a pleasant and persuasive voice then you are in the right position of converting that voice into money. Commercial voices are those ones which can be used to persuade someone till he or she is interested in something. These voices are mostly used by companies marketing their products and in turn pays the voice actor, so this is what is called the commercial voice. To become a commercial voice actor is easy and hard at the same time. It is easy because when you are talented and have the best studio around you then it will be easier for you to rise up and attract the whole market in the world. On the other hand, it is also hard because when you look at the market, you will find many people forcing themselves into the field without having even the basic voice for the job.

1.2 Making a next step with commercial voice

The current state of voice over the market is giving everyone a chance to work best anywhere provided they have some factors around them. For my view this is a profession which is totally corruption free zone, unlike other professions where you must be knowing someone for you to get something, I always hear most of the youths saying that it’s not about what you have but it’s all about whom you know. But that is not the case in the field of commercial voice. Here it’s only you and you alone to make the decisions that could make you succeed in the field. The core factor about it all is that you must be having a pleasant and admirable voice. This will attract more small and big companies who will want you to market their products. Another factor you should consider is the kind of studio you are going to record your voice with. This is much more important since if you use poor quality microphones then it may destroy your good sound and you may end up ruining your career. I may not be able to discuss all the factors but what is much important to the voice actor is that he should be in position to seek for more guidance from those who have succeeded in the field.

1.3 The decline of commercial voice market

Like almost any other business, commercial voice sometimes faces hard times which will hinder its progress. In the first days of its existence in the market, it was definitely rising and many people with such qualities of working in the field came up. But as the time goes by the business/ career itself is smoothly growing and what is declining is the chances for the young actors to break to the top. The chances of rising in this field nowadays is really diminishing in the sense that the already existing actors have dominated the market hence making it difficult for the new actor to rise too. So for every young or new actor, they should really be careful on the products and the charges that they will charge the companies approaching them, this will help them get an opportunity to present themselves in the market and most probably could help them to build confidence.