At voicemaket , you get all corporate voice overs from qualified voice actors across the world.This voice over is used for the company’s public branding and instructional products. Here, it’s only the professional voice over that can brand your products in a light way possible


corporate narration voice over

This voice over is used for the company’s public branding and instructional products. Here, it’s only the professional voice over that can brand your products in a light way possible. This is because corporate voice over majorly with the policies of the company, therefore this should be taken with great care. Also corporate narration voice over could be a voice narration that you need for an internal company presentation, an intranet training video, or an online video that the general public will view either in your website or video sharing platforms such as YouTube. The following are examples of corporate videos. The first one is presentation; corporate voice over does presentation of what the customers wish to advertise. They give them information about the presentation. The other one is explainer video; explainer videos are those videos which are used to bring clear messages of a certain information. They make the whole information to be easily understood. The other one is that corporate voice over provides product information; this is the most important part of the corporate voice over since this is the core side of the advertisements. They try to bring the message from the information to be as easy as possible. The last one is that corporate voice over also does tutorials. 

When does the company use corporate voice overs

There are two main reasons why a company may opt to use the corporate voice overs. These include internal purposes and the other one is for the external purpose. I will explain one on one and I wish to start with internal purposes.  Internal voice overs usually consist of videos that employees will view for instructional and informative purposes. For the perfect corporate voice over, it must convey the exact tone and even mood of every piece. For the external corporate voice overs it only consists of advertising and public service announcements. Basically here, the tone is of great importance since it connects the company and the general public. So for me I don’t think there is a specific time as when does the company use the corporate voice overs and not when to use, the thing here is that the company must always use corporate voice over since there is the main thing that connects the company and the general public. So every small or big company should opt for the corporate voice overs for them to ease their success rate.


Characteristics of good corporate voice overs.

The main reason why the companies look for the corporate voice over actors is just because of the audience. For every business, valuing your customers is the most important thing but dealing with your customers recklessly may lead you to closing up your business. A good corporate voice over should be appealing to the customers and be in a position of interpreting your information on your website with an admirable tone.The pace of the actor should be fairly quick to prevent boredom from the audience, but slow enough that things don’t get confusing. Another character of a good corporate voice over is that it must be having good enunciation and an educated tone. They should not be something that the customers will have to strain to understand the message. It should convey professionalism and this will be what the customers and most of the companies like the most since it will provide their companies large numbers of customers globally which in turn will increase the income of the company and even its popularity. Another thing is that, using female voice over actors sometimes have more advantages than using male voice over actors. Some of the experts normally encourage companies to use female voice over actors.