1.1 When do women rise to be voice over actors?

Voice overs originally were started by a man and became the men profession for quite a period of time that’s from around 1870’s to 1900. This was the time when women were considered to be enough with the family jobs. This was because women by that time didn’t have much buying power so there was no need for them to look for money for themselves. It was till June Foray when she started to get into the profession and succeeded there when she proved wrong all the allegations that women could not do such work. From then till date women have been a success in this field. A lot of factors have helped their rise so far. A lot of small and big companies usually like the most using females as their voice overs. This is because of the reasons best known to them, but according to me, it is true that women have the most persuasive sounds in the world and anyone can second me on that. So this is the main reason that most of the companies opt to use women. Another reason is that women rose because of the equality pressure rule which pressurizes for women inclusivity.

1.2 impacts of women in the field of voice over

Since the arrival of women in this field, there are a lot of impacts that have been felt by the customers, industries and even their male counterparts. For the companies, they have enjoyed the soft and convincing sound from female voice over actors since they have brought them a lot of customers and even have marketed the whole business in the whole world. Even though sometimes men`s voice is convincing but for women a lot of people like it the most. For the customers, especially male customers are the ones who like to listen to women voices, so in the process they have been in the position to receive the information which may be in one way or the other have been helpful in their lives and even in their careers and businesses. For the fellow male counterparts who are also voice over actors. Most of the male voice over actors have had hard times since women rise in this field. This is because there were customer shares in the market and more than obvious most people prefer women because of their convincing voice.

1.3 The future of female voice over actors


It is more than obvious that women have greater future in this career and its coming obvious that soon women will surpass men in demand in our markets. This will not guarantee men that they are becoming useless in this profession simply because there are so many jobs arising each and every day so instead there will be so many jobs opportunities that will reach everyone but women will only prioritized.so for every female with talent in voice over career then she should not hide at home doing things which may not be benefiting them but the should start immediately to chase their dream. This could even be a better job for female since it requires minimal energy which definitely will suits them. If women could form an association only for voice over so that they will work as one and structure their association in way that they will be having the top management, specialized different voice over actors, then they will look for jobs as a team then they will most probably succeed more than when an individual looks for her own job.

March 23, 2020