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1.1 how to use female voice over online

Generally most people, small and big companies, always like using female voice overs to advertise their products and services online. Reasons behind this are not well-known. But according to me, they only think that the women’s voice is more attractive than the men’s voice, but they don’t know that it’s not all about attractiveness but it’s simply about how the voice over studio presents your services. Here I am not trying to be biased but am trying to bring out the facts behind this. It is true that women’s voices are more attractive because of their softness but if they can be misused it will not make any difference again, instead it may bring a totally different meaning. But when they are used accurately then it will bring out something that the whole world will admire. Female voice over needs to be used accurately like men`s voice for it to bring out what is more presentable. For the companies looking for voice over actors, they should at least have the concept or hire a professional who is in a position to identify when the voice has been used well and when it has been misused for them to have the best for their own company. 

1.3 When not to use female voice over

This may look like the opposite of what I have explained above in 1.2. That’s somehow true and somehow not exactly. The best primary reason on when to use and when not to use the female voice over is when the whole system demands so then it’s good for the company to adapt that one. The company should not force the system to use a voice over for a man when the whole system requires a woman and also use for a woman when the whole system requires a voice over of a man. This is because voice overs have a greater impact on the voice over used. If you will use the right voice over actor then you will have higher chances of succeeding in that business since most of the people globally will have the appetite of listening to your advertisements and definitely will admire your products. On the other hand if you decide just to use any voice over without considering some factors, then you are risking the business when trying to promote it. So it’s a wise idea for the business owners to make a perfect decision on which is the best voice over actor to use and which one not to be used at a certain period of time.

1.2 When to use female voice over online

This is the best question that all the companies either small or big should ask themselves before making decisions about who is going to be their voice over actor. They need to consider which type of advertisement they will wish to provide to the general public. After assessing that, the company then makes another step of choosing the best voice over artist who is the most suitable voice actor for that job. If the job favors the female the company should go ahead and give the job to a female professional not the one who is still new in the field especially when the company is try to pass out the most sensitive information. The company has all the authority to ensure that the chosen voice over artists give the best according to the company’s desires. So my advice for the companies who are in dilemma of choosing on whom to pick to advertise their products, they should first assess their products and make the best decision in picking the best voice over.