1.1 Importance using male voice over artist to market your products.

We are in the world whereby women claim that what men can do a woman can do better. This is a fact which has brought out a lot of speculations and theories around that statement. Personally that statement to some extent is trough but not 100%. There are some things that men do and women can do them just the same way but there are some which require men to do it. For me this statement has given a lot of motivation to women and has made them even work extra hard to earn a living. So about voice over artists I cannot say women don’t suit this job since they are too capable of doing it but the difference with men is that men do his work without getting easily like women. It’s natural that women cannot work for a very long time or do heavy work like men do. The only advantage that women have in this profession of voice over is their voice. Women’s voices sound more attractive than male voices that most people may not be in their favor. So for the companies using male voice over artists normally have more advantages than those who opt to use female voices.

1.2 traditional gender view on voice over

In the old days around 1870`s, voice overs artists were men only. By then the jobs were very minimal, same case to voice actors since people had not known the importance of having voice over and also the advantages of being a voice over. That was the time of development of voice over voice and the pioneer of this field was called Thomas Edison a man not a woman. So from then this job grows since people start to see its importance and many people start getting into it as their full time job. For the woman had minimal says as they were only required to do the house chaos. As the time goes by and women start to believe that what men can do even them can do it even better than them, then a woman called June Foray became the first woman in history to herself behind the microphones. She did the best animation voice over and that started to motivate more women who eventually became a success in this even more than some men.

1.3 Who is more attractive between men and women voice over?


This is the question that is more asked and many people see this question a bit obvious. It’s only by the facts that supports the views of everyone. There are some factors that validate each one but at the end what is more important is who is more attractive than the other. But the question which makes this complicated is that, which sound is this one called attractive? Men mostly produce a deep voice which is attractive and women produce a soft voice which is also attractive. So for me the both men and women voices are attractive that’s why at the end of the day all will be applicable somewhere. The question here is when and how to apply which sound since there are scenarios whereby a woman’s voice may be useless and there are other scenarios when man`s voice is useless. So the more each sound is used well the more that studio will be attractive itself not the voice they are using. So for those comparing the voices of men and women and bringing their judgments from there are very wrong, totally wrong. They should be charging the voice over studios for using the wrong voice at the wrong place at the wrong time.

March 23, 2020