1.1 Definition of voice over audio

Voice over is a production strategy whereby a voice which was not part of narrative is used in presentations, filmmaking radios and even in televisions. It is used to bring out the main concept to the final audience. Voice over audio now is a strategy where a different voice which was not part of the narrative is used inside the main audio. This can be done in so many ways for example it can be read from the script or may be spoken by an individual who appears somewhere else in the production. Using voice over audio has a lot of advantages to both the company and the targeted audience. Let me start by giving the advantages to the company or individual using voice over audio, the first of all is that it helps them to pas information that the company wants to give at ease in a sense that may be the targeted audience may not be in a position to understand the narrative audio, therefore using voice over audio will help to get the full information about the main audio. On the other hand, the targeted audience will also have a high chance to receive and understand the information delivered to them.

         1.2 application of voice over audio and its effects

voice over can be applied in so many sectors but when we talk about voice over audio it means that a voice which is not part of the narrative is used in the main narrative audio with some main intentions. Basically, before you script out what you want your audio to sound like, you must write it down and the corresponding voice overs that go in line with the main audio. It is also wise for the clients to understand the audios which requires voice overs and the ones that does not requires. This is because may be the narrative audio could be best understandable by the targeted audience without voice overs than when they. Voice overs also if you don’t use wisely it may distort all the meaning of the main audio. On the other hand, if you will be able to have the best voice over especially from the best voice actor then most probably you will have the best of voice overs in your audio.in conclusion, clients should select the best voice over audio from the best voice actor and should apply it when necessary then they will find it work extremely well.

           1.3 How to make quality voice over audio and its impacts


This is the core of everything about voice over audio since this will depend on the quality of the structure of your voice over in your audio. Since it’s the aim of every producer to have the best of his products, it is wise to consider some key factors when determining the quality of the audio they will use. From the microphone your actor uses to the quality of his or her voice should be considered to avoid giving unnecessary echoes and sounds which may distort the message, this is because poor quality audio will definitely affect negatively on your business products but good quality audio will definitely affect positively on your business products. This is because customers will be attracted and even get the information clearly with the quality of the audio. If the company will fail to achieve that then it will generally affect almost everything including the main information being passed, so it is necessary for the company or individual to consider they are using quality devices in making their voice overs.

March 23, 2020